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Flagstone Patio


This simple and yet elegant flagstone patio is a popular choice. There will never be two that are the same. We cut the flagstone for a tighter joint line and design the shape of the patio for the customers liking. We also level the patio so there will be no puddles or drainage problems. This is great if you have many get togethers so no one needs to stand or walk in dirt or mud.



Similar to the flagstone patio, the walkway allows you to avoid walking on rough or dirty surfaces. The walkway has more option designs than the patio does. For example, the walkway could have a rest spot on one side with a bench and the other side could be some accent boulders.

(Optional style for the walkway and patio)

The joint line could be made of cement mortar, crush granite gravel, and grass or plant.

Fire pit

A fire pit is perfect for a cold night when you don’t want to go in the house just quite yet. There are two types of fire pits: natural and gas powered. The difference is the natural fire pit needs a special fire brick to absorb the heat. If not placed, the cinder block or cement mold might explode or creak. The gas powered does not need firebrick but there is a risk of having a gas leak. This is highly unlikely, but it is possible.

The design is circle, square, rectangle, or oval shape. Cap with 2” flagstone or moss rock depending of the customer taste. The veneer is a flagstone patio look but vertical and the other option is a stake look from chop stone or moss rock stone.

Outdoor chimney

The outdoor chimney is great for family time or romantic night in your own backyard. The first step to construct an outdoor chimney is to make an inner mold with plywood and studs or cinder blocks. Then call a gas professional to link the gas line from the house. Also we place fire brick in the mouth where the fire will be heated. Finally the finishing touch of veneering the mold with stone of the client choice.

(Note: before we can start we need the neighborhood permission and permit).

Outdoor summer kitchen

The outdoor summer kitchen is great for outdoor barbecue's with friends and family. The process of the kitchen is more complex. The first step is to make a mold of plywood and stud or cinder blocks to the design of the customer liking. There can be a sink, refrigerator, electrical plug, pot boiler, and grill. The last step is veneering the mold with the stone of the client choice. The counter top may be flagstone, marble, and granite.


The columns complement gates as if you were entering an important person's home. The process is to dig the dirt to a point where it counteracts the weight and height of the columns. Then pour the concrete with rebar into the hole and wait until it is dry enough to start working on the columns. We build the columns from cinder block than veneer the cinder block with flagstone, moss rock, cobble stone, or brick. Finally we cap with the option of cast stone, flagstone, or brick depending on the client's personal taste.

Retainer walls

Retainer walls give an illusion of having the customer's house on top of a hill. We dig the dirt to where it counteracts the weight and height of the wall. Then pour the concrete with rebar to the hole and wait for it to dry enough to start working on the wall. The next step is to build cinderblocks with rebar sticking upward, then filling the cinderblocks with cement mortar(optional). Also, veneer only one side and the corners so we can put dirt on the other side to an inch below the cap stone than overlay the dirt with grass. Finally cap the wall with the client's choice. (Option to have a drain pipe under the grass for drainage purposes).


Waterfalls are works of art in the backyard. It gives a unique feel as if you were at a lake in a forest. The process of the project is to have dig the dirt about 3 to 4 feet deep and have three sections. Pour concrete with mesh wire and the plumbing as well and wait until it is dry enough to work on. The first section is the main part of the waterfall where the pipe sticks upward connected to the pump. Also we need to call a electrician for the wiring of the pump. We move the boulders close together and hand pick the stone for the spillway (where the water will be dripping). After that section is done, we fill the middle of the back part and the spillway with cement mortar. The other section is for the pump; this depends on the client taste of design. We create a hole to hide to pump. Then we put drainage cup in the wall so the water can enter the pump. We cap the hole of the pump. This part of the waterfall is dry staked, meaning no cement mortar, which will be easier to reach for the pump and fix any problems. The third section is where most of the water is placed and we cover the edge so no one will see the concrete pour. Lastly we cover the concrete pour with black dye cement mortar for a better look and to hide future trash on the water. (Note we are not responsible for dirty water. Customer must maintain and clean the water after the installing of the waterfall)


This is a multi-purpose structure with a beautiful look and a place to seat on to enjoy the view. Benches have an option of a 2 ton boulder that reaches the height needed for comfort or to have cinderblocks in a style which the customers like then veneering the block for the client.


This is an elegant peace for a client's home. The centerpiece is a special mold to match the customers idea, but for us to go any further, we send our client to a specialty molding place. Now, where we come to play is to install the fountain, depending on the style. We can build a circle of cinderblock with stone veneering, cap the top, and with the right plumbing, seal the inside for no leaks. We also could install a vanishing fountain which is a centerpiece in the middle of the ground where no one sees water pumping. We would need to dig the right size for the tray where the client would buy at the specialty place of the centerpiece and level the tray. Then we would place cinderblock in the tray for extra support and add a plastic. The stone is the client's choice and we install the plumbing as needed.


We have many connections to complete any of these options that you have seen on this website. We have a landscape company that will take care of all your needs and wants.